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Independent, inquisitive, insatiable – these are typical traits of students in the elementary grades of 3-5. Many believe it's in these years that a love of knowledge, an attitude of lifelong learning, is instilled.

At Indian Hill Elementary School, we focus on nurturing and encouraging these natural traits and creating an individualized learning experience to support whole child development. Students have the chance to explore concepts in more depth. Instructional practices supported by data meet the diverse needs of our learners, and our SEEDS program (Safe Environment for Educating Diverse Students) is incorporated into daily work.

When students leave Indian Hill Elementary after finishing fifth grade, they are on their way to becoming successful, respectful young people, ready to take on greater challenges, academically and personally.

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Learn about the new GO! Time Initiative: Go!Time Presentation


The art room is in need of costumes for a 4th grade film project. The following items would be greatly appreciated:

Long dresses, vests, shirts with puffy sleeves, shawls, pants that go to the knees, blazers, berets, costume jewelry necklaces, horizontally striped shirts, belts, life-size baby doll, small baby blanket for doll, faux fur, and white sheets.

Please drop items off in the office or art room. Thanks so much!
 -Marcia Tuznik, art teacher


Club Registration has now closed. You will be getting an email shortly from the club leader if your child will be a part of the club. This email will give you more specifics regarding the club(s).