Indian Hill Elementary School Building

Indian Hill Elementary School has been ranked ____. Most recent state test scores show [96.6% of our students passed the Reading assessment, with 82% in the Advanced (highest) category and another 10% at the Accelerated level.]

The focus for Elementary students (grades 3-5) is on Authentic Learning, with hands-on experiences such as STEM programs in science, technology and math; and unique integrated programs that not only teach students about each and every core subject and demonstrate how they relate to one another, but also allow them to explore the basis of a variety of career options.

Students also benefit from Exploration Time: flexible time for additional instructional practice and enrichment. The focus of this period is data-driven and provides increased focus on core content. Students receive intervention or enrichment support, as needed.

All students receive Art, Music, Physical Education, and utilize the library and computer lab weekly. Third and fourth graders perform a musical every year. Fifth graders participate in Band or Orchestra. All students take Spanish.

Extracurricular clubs for all three grades include Archery, Art, Chess, Choir, Karate, Kids Who Care (service club), Science and Technology. Students may also take music and performance lessons through the Indian Hill Performing Arts Academy, which provides instruction on-site.