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Independent, inquisitive, insatiable – these are typical traits of students in the elementary grades of 3-5. Many believe it's in these years that a love of knowledge, an attitude of lifelong learning, is instilled.

At Indian Hill Elementary School, we focus on nurturing and encouraging these natural traits and creating an individualized learning experience to support whole child development. Students have the chance to explore concepts in more depth. Instructional practices supported by data meet the diverse needs of our learners, and our SEEDS program (Safe Environment for Educating Diverse Students) is incorporated into daily work.

When students leave Indian Hill Elementary after finishing fifth grade, they are on their way to becoming successful, respectful young people, ready to take on greater challenges, academically and personally.

What's New at IHES?

The end of Quarter 1 is Friday, October 12. Quarter 1 report cards will be available online on Friday, October 19. You can access ProgressBook on the Indian Hill Elementary School Website. Click on Students/Parents tab and then click on Resources and Tools. Click on the ProgressBook link and select the Indian Hill icon. You can also click here to access ProgressBook. Once you are logged into ProgressBook, you will be able to view your child’s grades and report card comments. You will be able to print a paper copy on Friday, October 26. Click here to view a ProgressBook Video Tutorial.If you are having difficulty logging into your ProgressBook account, please contact Jackie O’Brien, technology facilitator, via email at Jackie.obrien@indianhillschools.org

Fall Book Fair! October 19-29 Our Fall Book Fair starts Friday, October 19 and runs through Monday, October 29. We will be open each school day during all Parent Teacher Conference times. There is also an online book fair as well. Visit our Book Fair homepage for more information and online ordering. See you at the Book Fair!

Veterans Day 2018

Fall brings an important holiday here at Indian Hill Elementary School—Veterans Day!  On this day students, staff, and community members will spend time honoring those who have served and are serving in the military by hosting a Veteran’s Day Assembly.  Our Veterans Day Assembly will be Friday, November 9th, at 10:00 am

If you have a veteran that would like to attend the assembly, please register using the following google form.  You will be asked for the following information when you register:

1.  Name of your veteran (how they would like to be introduced)

2. Branch of the military that he or she served

3.  Relationship to an Indian Hill Elementary School student

4.  Number of years of service

In addition to the assembly, we will also be creating a slideshow to share with students during lunch on Friday, November 9th.  If you would like to be part of our slideshow you may send in a copy of photos that we can include in our slideshow.  We will scan and return photos to your child.  Be sure to include the name of the veteran and the relationship to his or her Indian Hill Elementary School student.  You may also upload photos directly using the following link.  Please name your image with your name and relationship to an Indian Hill Elementary School student. Direct uploads at: https://www.dropbox.com/request/DOFudeLm3WQHNynorjju

The deadline to include photos and veterans is Monday, November 5th.  Due to the nature of this project and assembly, photographs/veteran names will not be accepted after Nov. 5th. Please adhere to this deadline.


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